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Ozonator Dual Hepa Carbon Filter Negative Ionic Generator C

Ozonator Dual HEPA Active Carbon Filter Negative Ion Model C


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The Atlas Dual Hepa Air Purifier Model 9079C Covers up to 1,200 sq ft with its washable pre-filter that catches large particles and pollutants and its twin HEPA filter. The model C’s Negative ion generator can output up to 3 million/CC to neutralize floating dust, pollen, smoke and any particles. This model is extremely convenient with its remote control and a 1, 2, 4 and 8 hour timer. Small enough to sit on your desktop. An optional air pump accessory outputs ozone via diffuser stone and silicon rubber tube for purification purposes.The 9079C has two fan speeds for dust collection power and an independent ozone function. This model also puts out 400mg/hr of ozone, enough to fill a 1200sq ft area. An optional air pump accessory outputs ozone via diffuser stone and silicon Rubber tube for air or water purification purposes. The unit is very good for killing germs, viruses and bacteria.